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Enjoy your best possible life with Journey to Health’s broad range of really exceptional Superfoods to improve your healthy diet.

They are bursting with plant-based proteins, vitamins, and nutrients, and they will energize your mind and body, as well as your holistic lifestyle and mindful support to Mother Earth when used in moderation.

From India, our suppliers ship dozens of unique Ayurvedic spices and adaptogens directly to your home, along with African plants like baobab and cognitive enhancers from the Peruvian Andes to your door.

Journey to Health is your one-stop store for almost all of your nutritious, organic Superfoods needs in South Africa online.

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What Are Superfoods?

Superfoods are berries or fruits that are naturally and exceptionally rich in nutrients. Superfoods in particular, such as goji berries, acai, chokeberry or coconut, not only contain high levels of various micronutrients and secondary metabolites, these superfoods have unique properties that result from the combination. Specific nutrients are linked to each plant. Thanks to this natural combination of nutrients, the micronutrients contained have a high bioavailability. A gentle drying or pressing of the superfoods allows these exceptional properties to be retained.

Why are superfoods so valuable?

With their secondary plant matter and dyes, plants protect themselves from natural predators. Among these substances, we know the polyphenol and the anthocyanin, the flavonoid and the beta-carotene, which can play a role in our diet and give food beautiful bright colours. Traditional dietetic schools like Indian Ayurveda or Chinese methods recognized the value of superfruits early on. In recent years, they have made us discover many exotic berries such as Schisandra or acai. Also in the super berry category are pomegranate, sea buckthorn, and goji berry, to name a few. You can even buy dried mulberries (or mulberries) from the nu3 superfood store.

Many of these berries and fruits also contribute to the diet in terms of taste. They can be used as valuable food supplements as they can be eaten raw or dried, squeezed into juice or enjoyed as tea. Dried berries especially contain essential nutrients in an even more concentrated form than their fresh counterparts.

Goji berries – popular & delicious

A great classic of healthy berries is goji berries. This nutrient-dense superfruit is perfect for muesli or salad. The goji berry contains many vitamins, from its level of vitamin C equivalent to orange to vitamins A and B. In addition to iron and calcium, it also contains more than 20 trace elements and amino acids essential and secondary metabolites. It is therefore not surprising that the goji berry is one of the most popular dried fruits. It can be enjoyed as a berry, but also in chocolate or juice.

Aronia berries are also very popular. These healthy berries are suitable for baking and ideal for a small snack. In yoghurt or a salad – Aronia berries give a boost to any dish. These black fruits best reveal their slightly acidic taste in dried form. In addition to vitamin C and E and vitamin B9, the small Aronia berry also has a vibrant range of nutrients. Rich in secondary metabolites and antioxidants, it also contains iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium.

Healthy snacking

An alternative to classic sweets is, for example, dried cranberries. Thanks to boiling in thick apple juice, fruits lose their acidic taste and do not adapt only to breakfast. They can be used in baking, complementing muesli or sauces. Even in salads, they offer a delicious fruity note.

The acai berry, which has a high level of minerals and amino acids, is the star ingredient in Flores Farm's organic acai-cocoa mix. This mixture contains, in addition to the acai berry and cranberry cocoa and comes from organic farming and fair trade. It is a perfect mixture to complement desserts, mueslis and salads.

Buy superfoods from Journey To Health

If possible, superfoods should be from organic farming. By purchasing particularly inexpensive superfruits, one risks exposing oneself to damage in production that could ruin the pleasures of superfoods and undermine the health benefits of consuming them. You will find with us only the best-dried superfruits, which will complement your balanced diet every day.

Our online organic health store offers a wide choice of products, fruits, berries and powdered seaweed. Whether you want to buy coconut products, aloe vera juice or powdered acai berry: nu3 has you covered. Juiced, powdered or dried, the superfoods in our shop are also often certified organic.