First of all: The production of the most expensive oil globally is a woman’s business, from harvest to grinding to bottling. This work is arduous, but it also means more than just a little extra income. For the Moroccan women, who have formed so-called cooperatives to produce argan oil, this is a great deal of freedom. To work at all and earn one’s own money makes a decisive contribution to emancipation in the Arab state, which is still strictly dominated by men. Since the demand for argan oil has increased enormously, especially in Europe, they have made a decisive contribution to the economic growth of Morocco as a skilled workforce.

What is argan oil?

The argan tree, also known as the “tree of life”, is threatened with extinction. It is robust and can get very old – up to 450 years – but it only grows in the southwest of Morocco. A few years ago, the area was therefore declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Therefore, the argan tree can only be used, and a lot is invested in growing new plants because its fruits are valuable. The high-quality argan oil is made from seeds. It has many special features compared to other oils: Like most vegetable oils, it consists of more than 80 per cent unsaturated fatty acids, but the proportion of linoleic and oleic acids is much higher than, for example, olive oil. Argan oil contains a good 36 per cent of it, olive oil only 10 per cent linoleic acid. That is what makes it so valuable – especially for cosmetics manufacturers. There are face creams, body lotions, eye care serums, and hand creams. Also, morgan oil is ideal for hair care.

How is argan oil obtained?

The harvested fruits are first dried in the sun, then the laborious cracking of the peel begins (it is ten times harder than that of hazelnuts). This is done by hand with a small stone on top of a large one. The kernels are then – for the production of edible oil – first carefully roasted and then ground in a small oil mill. The oil for cosmetics not roasted, which, however, reduces the yield and thus makes the oil more expensive. Both processes result in a dark brown paste that has to be kneaded for hours. This is how the valuable cold-pressed oil is separated from the mass. One litre of argan oil takes an incredible four hours to knead. You can imagine how exhausting it is. The production is one hundred per cent sustainable, by the way, because the leftover porridge is then used to feed farm animals.

Why is argan oil good for hair?

Oil and hair that sounds pretty greasy at first. But it is not. Argan oil has the sensational ability to add moisture to and lock in hair. It helps against dry, brittle hair. The hair gets a great shine and finally looks healthy again. The vitamin E contained in the oil strengthens the roots and even prevents hair loss. The circulation-promoting effect can also reduce dandruff. Argan oil is also suitable as a hair treatment. Many of our customers are enthusiastic about their new volume and have sworn by the effects of argan oil ever since.

Why is argan oil good for the skin?

Argan oil is full of valuable ingredients. It’s a cold-pressed oil, which is generally better as the vitamins are not destroyed by heating. It has a moisturizing, antioxidant and antibacterial effect. Argan is known for its cell-protecting, regenerative properties and, when consumed, for its blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering effects. Moroccans have sworn by it for generations. It prevents skin ageing, supplies the skin with moisture and cares for rough and cracked areas, even rashes and pimples, as well as light acne. Argan oil is also ideal after sunbathing and for neurodermatitis. Dry cuticles become really supple again with argan oil. Children also tolerate it very well as it is very mild.

How do you use argan oil?

argan oilYou can use the oil pure and, for example, massage a few drops into the scalp before shampooing, then rinse well and dry. Or massage into damp skin after washing. The oil is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film.

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