High-quality vegetable oils, preferably cold-pressed, should adequately be integrated into our diet by all of us. It has to be at least one and a half tablespoons a day to benefit from the full effect of the unsaturated fatty acids. The offer is plentiful – from sunflower, rapeseed, or linseed oil to oil made from olives, nuts, seeds or sesame – everyone has their own personal favourite. And now we are going to introduce you to another oil that should definitely be in your shopping cart: black cumin oil. In any case, it took our hearts by storm. Black seed oil is a dream from 1001 nights, which not only smells and tastes seductive but is really good for the body and soul.

What is black seed oil?

neogenesis_pure_black_cumin_seedYou probably know black seed if you like to eat flatbread. These are the dark seeds that create an exceptional oriental taste. They have a slightly nutty aroma, paired with a hint of thyme and eucalyptus. They have nothing in common with the usual caraway or the very spicy cumin, which we like to use finely ground to refine oriental or Asian dishes. They’re not even related to each other.

But we are also more interested in what can be made of these seeds, namely the valuable black cumin oil. Our new superstar among vegetable oils! The health-promoting properties of black seed oil have been known in the Orient for more than 2000 years. Evidence of this first surfaced in Ancient Egypt. The Prophet Mohammed (A.D. 570–632) ) is even said to have said: “Black cumin cures every disease, except death”. Black seed oil is also known as the gold of the pharaohs – on the one hand, because of its colour, on the other hand, because of its precious mode of action.

It is used in the kitchen as a tasty addition and, above all, as a remedy in many different areas. Black seed oil is available filtered, and unfiltered. The latter is more recommendable since most of the substances with a health-promoting effect are still present there. However, it is important that you only use organic products because otherwise, they could also contain too high a concentration of harmful substances.

Black seed oil is healthy

Since black seed oil is particularly rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is one of the highest quality and most effective cold-pressed vegetable oils. The omega-6 fatty acid “linoleic acid” makes up the majority at 54 grams per 100 ml. It is important for glowing skin and strong hair because it accelerates growth and repair processes. Unsaturated fatty acids are also good for blood sugar (be careful, diabetes) and the heart. The cholesterol level has been proven to lower, and the risk of a heart attack is also minimized. The kidneys and liver also benefit, as do the stomach and intestines, because it has an antispasmodic and calming effect.

Important metabolic processes in the body are promoted and supported. There are also essential oils in black seed oil. Fifty per cent of these contain the rare active ingredient thymoquinone, which is found almost exclusively in black cumin. It has an antiviral effect, and it is believed that it can also be a preventative against the coronavirus. In addition, the valuable ingredient thymoquinone is said to be able to regulate allergic reactions of the body and kill germs. The miracle oil has proven itself particularly in treating fungal infections (feet, intestines, vaginal) – internally and externally.

crede_black_cumin_oil_capsulesWhat does black seed do on the skin?

The ingredients can also be used on the skin and help with irritation. Here, too, it is the essential oils that become active. You can use it to get small redness, pimples and even light acne under control. The complexion is harmonized, and inflammation is healed. There are many positive experiences from atopic dermatitis patients who have tried heavy creams with strong ingredients like cortisone for years. The effects of black seed oil are, of course, not visible overnight, but after a few weeks, the results are phenomenal. And above all, with regular use, it is sustainable and free of side effects.

What should you watch out for when taking it?

In our organic online shop, you will find a large selection of certified natural cosmetics for the face, body and hair and, of course, numerous products on the subject of black seed oil. You can use it in several different ways. Classic as an oil (of course in organic quality), whereby a dosage of at least one teaspoon to a maximum of one tablespoon per day is recommended.

For simple strengthening of the immune system and strengthening the vital functions, the minimum amount is certainly sufficient. If you have an acute illness, you should increase your intake. If you have sensitive digestion, you can also swallow a teaspoon twice a day. If you can’t get the oil down at all – although it really doesn’t taste unpleasant – you should use the practical capsules. Of course, we also have them in our range.

The black seed oil capsules then only slowly dissolve in the stomach, which is why the experience has shown that they are very well tolerated. We also have dental care products from Anton Hübner totally convinced. Toothpaste and tooth gel with black cumin oil ensure strong, healthy teeth and an all-around balanced oral flora. Nice side effect: many users report whiter teeth.