We promise you: if you have read this article, you will be in a perfect mood. It’s full of good news and delicious tips!

The very best news first: You can use something to conjure up the most delicious and delicious treats that are also healthy. The miracle cure is not new. You will already know it from your childhood. It is cocoa powder. But of course, not about the sugar bomb in the yellow pack with the cute cartoon animals on it. It’s about pure, original cocoa powder. It is made by pulverizing cocoa mass and is always free from sugar and other sweeteners. As early as the 4th century AD, people in Central America knew about the sensational effects of the small brown beans. They ground it and prepared a drink with the name “Xocolatl” or “Xocoatl” (xoco = bitter and latl = water) from the resulting powder, chilli, vanilla and honey. The sacred drink of the Mayas and Aztecs awakened the warriors before important battles. It could even help with heart disease, and it tastes so delicious that it can already be ordered in some trendy cafes today. For centuries, of course, cocoa has also been the cornerstone of chocolate – our very dearest sweet sin.

How healthy is cocoa?

The fact that the thought of a nice piece of chocolate or a warm cup of cocoa creates feelings of happiness will not be new to you. So that there is no guilty conscience afterwards, you only have to pay attention to one small thing. Ideally, the chocolate should be homemade (see below) and stay as pure as possible. And it would help if you relied on good organic quality cocoa powder. Then the whole thing is really healthy. And that’s even scientifically proven. Cocoa contains lots of vitamins, calcium, iron and, above all, magnesium. And that’s important for your bones and muscles—the heart muscle, in particular, needs this energy supplier. Magnesium is also valuable for metabolism; it revs up and makes you fit and lively. Many women who suffer from severe period pain appreciate the anticonvulsant properties.

Cocoa is also rich in vital antioxidants such as flavanols. Incredible: it even has more of it than the highly acclaimed blueberry or green tea. Antioxidants protect against free radicals and our cells against environmental toxins or premature ageing. They lower cholesterol and can help prevent strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. The unsaturated fatty acids in cocoa also ensure optimal heart function. As already described above, the thing about happiness is by no means imaginary. Cocoa beans contain phenylethylamine, which is mood-enhancing and can be called a natural antidepressant. Endorphins are released when consumed, massively increasing well-being.

What can you make from cocoa powder?

It’s in so many sweet things. The cocoa bean still has a very bitter taste when raw. When processed into cocoa powder, it develops its typical sweet taste. And you can do a lot with this powder. The classic is, of course, the cocoa. We love it warm with creamy plant milk like oats or soy. To do this, take a teaspoon of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of brown cane sugar or syrup and stir it well. You can make your own chocolate ice cream with it – with frozen bananas; you can even do without milk or cream. Cakes or cookies also have a fine note of chocolate and are sweetened healthily. Everyone wants to save calories, and to forego snacking is not an alternative.

If you have children, you should definitely put together a few healthy recipes with cocoa powder. The advantage is that these things are often made with dark flours or with oat flakes and therefore have less fat and calories and make you feel full and satisfied much faster. Make sure to try making your own chocolate yourself. You’re melting cocoa powder, cocoa butter, some sugar, or syrup. Add nuts or dried fruits to your heart’s content, then let cool down and enjoy. Practical: You can get all of the ingredients mentioned in organic quality from us. In our organic shop, you will find a large selection of certified natural cosmetics and lots of savoury and sweet delicacies. We have heavily de-oiled or slightly de-oiled cocoa powder and raw cocoa powder (produced at low temperatures) from Terra Elements from the finest bean variety in the world, the Criollo. All varieties are, of course, vegan.

What does heavily de-oiled and weakly de-oiled mean?

We have just mentioned that we offer these two variants in our shop: strongly and weakly de-oiled cocoa powder. But what’s the difference between the two? The heavily de-oiled powder is slightly lighter in colour and has a rather bitter taste. Because it has a lower fat (oil) content, it is more soluble and therefore recommended for cocoa as a drink or for making cakes or puddings. If you want to make your own chocolate, you should use slightly de-oiled powder. It still has at least twenty per cent residual fat and is therefore particularly creamy and intense in taste.